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by Dr. Arn Strasser, D.C., who is on the Spine Universe Editorial Board:


Chiropractic Care and Back Pain: An Overview of Diagnostic Principles and Treatment
Understanding what happens during a visit to a chiropractor will help you to see how chiropractic fits in with other spinal specialties to provide an integrated approach to treating back pain.

Palpation: The Art and Science of Chiropractic Diagnosis
Spinal palpation is an important part of the patient's chiropractic examination and helps the chiropractor determine where and how to adjust or manipulate the spine.

Understanding Chiropractic and Low Back Injury
Chiropractors use a range of techniques that include specific adjustments, general manipulation, low force and non-force maneuvers, and other procedures tailored to meet the patient's needs.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment: What Was That Pop?
During chiropractic adjustment, small pockets of air or bubbles in the tissue fluid surrounding a joint capsule may create a pop or cracking sound when joint tissues are stretched.

Chiropractic Care and Back Pain: Non-Invasive Treatment for Bulging, Ruptured, or Herniated Discs (Slipped Discs)
In treating low back "slipped discs", most spine experts agree that conservative care should be tried before surgery is considered, except in severe cases.

Chiropractic Treatment: Slipped Discs
Chiropractic treatment includes careful history taking, vitals signs, and orthopaedic and neurlogical testing.

Chiropractic Care and Back Pain: Techniques
Flexion-distraction technique has become the most widely used approach to treating symptomatic disc injuries involving back pain and the often-accompanying leg pain.

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